Package Description



Buying VIP before it expires will extend your current VIP duration!


Access to SkinBox command (/skin) that allows you to spawn in skins you don't own  

Skip queue when server is full 

Upgrade Workbenches without destroying them (/upgradewb

50% faster SleepingBag and Bed cooldowns 

Spawn with extra hunger and thirst 

Gold star in your name (Toggle with /vip) 

Select a custom name/tag color using /color  

Select a custom name tag color using /tag 

Toggle Rainbow Name Color using /rainbow 

VIP role on our Discord 

Type /where to see where you died


Load images from the internet to signs using /sil 

Sign Artist


SkinBox (/skin



This reward expires after 30 days and it is a one-time payment. You can purchase it again after it expires.